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Superyacht cleaning services in Monaco

Services in more than 200 yachts since 1984 with 100% success.

ASN specialises in superyacht cleaning in Monaco, working to clean any surface, including:

  • Carpet Cleaning with injection /extraction process.
  • Fabrics and upholstery Cleaning with steam process.
  • Interior flooring Cleaning and Treatment.
  • Marble Cleaning and Treatment.
  • Windows and Signs Cleaning.

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Expert superyacht pest control service

Over than 50 yachts treated since 2005 with 100% success. Some have been treated for BMSB before transportation to Australia and New Zealand.

If you suspect a pest infestation, ASN team will come in the following 12 hours to establish the expertise on the type of problem you may encounter and then propose you a free quotation to treat the problem.

ASN also specializes in yacht and marine pest control, ready to help yacht crew eliminate any on-board pest infestations that may occur. ASN offers fast, local and discrete pest control service at a competitive price.

ASN Pest control team treats termites, rats, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, bugs, midges…and more others which would be less common on yachts.

ASN has also the agreement from Monegasque, French, Australian and New Zealand Governments. Australian and New Zealand Agreement authorize ASN to provide approved MBS Treatment before your yacht transportation bound for those countries.

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MGN 580 fire retardant treatment

Tens of Yacht treated by us until today, hundreds by Firestop!!

ASN, in Partnership with FIRESTOP also provides application for Fire Retardant Treatment. The validity of our agreement is 24-months long, rather than the usual 18-months, allowing its clients to save money. This is in line with the MGN 580 legislation and safety guidance.

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EN 14476 COVID-19 Yacht Decontamination Treatment

Over than 120 yachts and more than 3000000 offices m3 treated since march 2020 with 100% success

COVID-19 Eradication and Cleaning Services specialist ASN can now offer a “Yacht Deep Cleaning Service” if you have suspected or confirmed Coronavirus exposure. The team applies a specialized and approved COVID-19 product also used commonly to disinfect hospitals, ambulances and public areas potentially infected with COVID-19 amongst other infectious viruses. The product has no incidence on furniture fabrics, making this ideal for your vessel. It eradicates bacteria in minutes, yeast, mold and fungus in fifteen minutes and H1N1, HBV, HCV type viruses in sixty minutes.

With our team, material and our ULV EN 14476 approved protocols, we can sanitize 100% of a 40 meters long yacht in less than 1 hour. The Yacht must be empty of crew and guests during the treatment and half an hour after the treatment is terminated.

This product is recommended for treating COVID-19

ASN provides a free quotation to give you, your guests, your crew, your team and your clients peace of mind. A certificate, a product technical file and product security document, are provided with your treatment invoice.

This product is absolutely safe for humans and animals and is safe to use:

  • On any material and fabric
  • On carpets
  • On soft furnishings
  • On metal, marble and hard surfaces

ASN has over 30 years’ experience in superyacht cleaning, fire retardant treatment and pest control in the South of France. It provides expert cleaning, protection and maintenance services to all superyachts.

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Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Ecolabel, Monaco Safe and the Eco-friendly labels, ASN is proud to look after humans, animals and the blue planet since 1995. 10% of the ASN incomes are providing for humanitarian’s projects.

Since 1995, most of ASN’s cleaning products hold the European Ecolabel tag and are 90% biodegradable. This reduces the chance of any possible allergies and intolerances arising on yacht guests who may suffer from the use of traditional cleaning products. ASN treatment and process are also eco-responsible for the oceans and our planet.

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