American System Nettoyage (ASN) is a reference cleaning company located in the heart of the Principality of Monaco whose professionalism and reputation are no longer to prove.

ASN is a Family Business created in 1984, which values every customer.

ASN, is a thirty-seven-year-old company with more than 200 customers, which benefits in Monaco from an expertise and an experience recognized by specialists and Monegasque Governmental Institutions as well as Worldwide in cleaning, hygiene, and sanitizing sectors (disinfection, insect disinfestation and rat extermination).

Listed since 2003 in the top 400 of Monegasque companies, ASN signs daily contracts to clean and sanitize dozens of thousands of m2.

As a matter of fact, ASN insures cleaning and maintenance of luxury shops, offices, prestigious flats, and yachts as well as hotels, restaurants, professional premises, buildings, and parking lots. Its strength is in the quality of its customer service but also for its loyal employees.


« We take the time to listen to you in order to provide you with the cleaning service that best meets your expectations in terms of quality and responsiveness. »


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Cleaning and Maintenance

ASN, your cleaning partner in Monaco is a recruitment initiator with more than 40 employees who strive for the service application of specifications’ bill, as planned in the contract. Our employees are subjected to an optimised surveillance of inspectors, and under a quality engineer surveillance.

As part of yearly or punctual contracts (daily, weekly, monthly), ASN is the major player for all cleaning jobs in buildings and professional premises, construction sites, interventions after damages, maintenance staff and cleaning services replacement in Monaco and its surroundings.

ASN’s assets, seniority, and renown, bring confidence and satisfaction to its most demanding customers, such as jewellery shops, luxury boutiques, banks and financial organizations, but also renowned individuals for whom professionalism and safety are essential criteria.

From the first years of its activity and in accordance with its core values, ASN has developed products based on essential oils and natural products. Since 1993, ASN has made the environment its real workhorse in the development of cleaning techniques and trained all its employees to respect the planet and its ecosystem.

Attached about the environmental quality as much as the well-being of its customers and its teams, ASN mainly uses nowadays products that comply with environmental standards.

The maintenance and hygiene specialist in Monaco…

Monegasque company working to preserve the environment, ASN uses cleaning techniques respecting the working conditions. It is as concerned with the well-being of its employees as with the comfort of its customers. Its strength lies in service, safety, availability, and thoroughness.

Multi-faceted cleaning agency, ASN intervenes for buildings disinfection, administrative premises, offices, apartments. ASN always has a solution for its customers; indeed, it has received approval for all minor electrical work, masonry, and painting.

Specialist in high-grade cleaning, ASN specializes itself in the cleaning and maintenance of villas, apartments, luxury shops, Yachts and any other valuable property in the Principality of Monaco and its surroundings. ASN knows how to work down to the smallest details and meets the expectations of the most demanding consumers.


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Disinfection-Rat extermination-Insect disinfestation

37 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE = 100% positive results!

Building on its values ​​of respect for the environment and its range of skills in the field of cleaning professional premises, ASN is implementing more sophisticated and effective techniques in the 3 fields.

PESTS CONTROL: All creeping and flying pests

For more than 15 years specializing in the 3 DDDs, ASN is proud of being a pioneer in this intervention field both for professionals and individuals. Using professional products on average seven times more effective than products offered on the market, ASN holds official authorizations from the Monegasque and French authorities, as well as from Australia and New Zealand, responsible for this area of activity. In certain cases (especially large areas), insect Disinfestation can also be done by DSVA (Disinfection of surfaces by aerial ways) with an operational timesaver, which quickly releases the premises sprayed with insecticide.


ASN deals with harmful rodents such as rats or mice using approved methods.


Since 1995, ASN has carried out Disinfection and Decontamination of premises (harmless to animals and plants). We use products approved to French standards NF EN 14476, particularly used in the hospital’s operating rooms. These odourless products are completely harmless to humans, animals, and plants, but also to furniture and material goods, whatever they might be.


Specificity of COVID-19 // 100% effective // ​​zero nuisance // DSVA = record time disinfection

We daily disinfect thousands of cubic meters of premises from the COVID-19 virus. The processes, produced in accordance with NF EN 14476 standards and approved protocols, were validated in March 2020 by the health authorities of the Principality of Monaco, making ASN the first company approved by the government. It immediately became a service provider at the beginning of the crisis. Thanks to the DSVA (Air Surface Disinfection), accompanied by the whole contact points disinfection, we disinfect in record time and ensure ZERO level of COVID on the site, treated by our team.



ASN uses the latest generation machines and procedures for your floors with specialization techniques for all surfaces (parquets, marbles, carpets, tiles, thermoplastics, terracotta, etc.). ASN guarantees you a quality, fast, and efficient service. Thus, we restore the original shine to your floors regardless of the type of coating.


Since 1989, ASN is the carpet shampoo specialist thanks to different cleaning techniques, considering the fibres’ quality to be treated. ASN applies, among other things, the injection-extraction method, or the carpets dry shampooing. It is also your partner for your carpets’ treatment.


ASN offers you the possibility to have a pure transparency glazing thanks to its cleaning technicians’ precision. It benefits from a pool of specialists for the washing windows, frames, signs, high-rise windows with a difficult access and terraces.



As a partner of many actors in the building sector, architecture, and interior design, ASN has carried out dozens of end-of-works projects every year since 1984, and benefits from this experience for more than 35 years. Whether for cleaning an office, an apartment, a building or a commercial building, the end of the work diversifies itself in accordance with the materials used by the interior designers. The work involves a “sharp expertise” for the purposes of yachts, villas, and hospital construction sites where ASN excelled with the post-construction cleaning of the IM2S centre at its creation in Monaco. ASN loves new challenges, benefits from the know-how of its inspectors and technicians and knows how to adapt to changes in materials, designs and new technologies.


ASN offers the apartments and villas cleaning for individuals who need it recurrently or occasionally.

The flexibility and professionalism of our employees provide comfort to customers who do not have to deal with the social aspect and red tape of such hiring.

Thus, ASN replaces at short notice of private individuals’ employees within the framework of sick leave or paid leave.

Our teams of specialists take care of floor treatments in one hand, and glazing in the other hand, all with discretion. ASN is involved with the customer regarding the safety, confidentiality and security of the goods entrusted to him or her.


ASN is your cleaning partner and supports you in all your internal architecture and / or renovation projects for shops, villas, apartments, or offices. Interior designers are often very good at getting you a beautiful environment to live in, but is this new environment easy to maintain at a lower cost? We support you with our expertise in the choice of materials offered by your architect, notably regarding floors and furniture.

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